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Getting help with your work from New Essays is easy, safe and guaranteed to get you the grades you need.

  1. Send us your essay, dissertation, coursework or assignment question or problem by filling in the form on the order page or by emailing us on order@newessays.co.uk
  2. We will send you the confirmation with your quote by email. We will only request payment if and when we have a confirmed researcher for your work.
  3. Once you make the payment, we will assign your brief to the most qualified tutor.
  4. Your researcher will write the perfect work to your exact specifications.
  5. Our qualified in-house tutors will perform quality checks and complete a plagiarism scan on your work.
  6. Your completed work will be promptly delivered straight to your e-mail address.


Why should I choose Newessays.co.uk over the other service providers?

Established in 2008, we are the market leaders in the UK market for custom-written essays, assignments and dissertations. We are UK based and registered at Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number: 839583189. We are verified by Lloyds & Natwest Bank (UK) and PaymentSense UK. We have undergone four independent identity and credit checks to confirm we are a genuine UK based firm.

Our mobile applications are fully verified by Google and Apple. You can download our mobile app on Apple App Store and Android App on Google Play Store. We are very popular on both platforms. Over 10k people have downloaded our android app. You can read our customer reviews on GoogleTrustpilotSiteJabber and Facebook .

All our researchers are based and educated in the UK. We contract nearly five hundred academics and professional researchers exclusively from the UK’s top universities.


We bring to a table blend of expertise and experience which is unmatched by our competitors. Our pricing is fair and competitive. Our processes are reliable and robust. Our customer service is excellent.  All emails are replied to within 2 hours and telephone support is open 14 hours per day. We offer numerous custom packages, meaning you will certainly find one suited to your needs.

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What can I ask for in my order?

You may specify any number of variables: from obvious requests such as specifying the exact title to be answered, the referencing style to be used, and the standard and word count for your order to more specific requests on style, exact structure and particular sources you would like our researchers to utilise.


Will I get “copy/paste” work from journals and the Internet?

No. We guarantee 100% original work. We offer a complimentary plagiarism report with every content submission. Work done by our researchers demonstrates clarity of expression and is free from plagiarism, spelling and grammatical errors with the consistent citation and a well-presented bibliography.


What if I need revision on my document?

We can revise the document as per the feedback received. However, the feedback should not change the original work scope as specified to us. Further, feedback should be comprehensive in nature.


Will I receive the work in MS Word format?

Yes. You will receive the work in the format in which it can be worked upon. This includes MS Word, Excel, PPT and PDF.


How will you send the work to me?

We will send the work through email as an attachment.


Can I get my custom dissertation chapter-by-chapter?

Yes. We offer free chapter-by-chapter delivery so you can get as involved in the writing process as you like.


I am struggling with a part of my dissertation. Can you help?

If you don’t require a full custom dissertation, but you are only struggling with a particular chapter, we can certainly still help you.

Our tutors will help with any part of your dissertation. Help is available for your:-

*  Abstract

* Introduction

* Proposal

* Methodology

* Background Research

* Literature Review

* Conclusion

* Referencing

* Recommendations

* Appendices


Do you resell the paper you develop for me?

No. We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality of the document. We will never resell your work.


How can I be certain I won’t get something that has been plagiarised?”

We follow these 3 simple steps to ensure originality:

Step #1: We hire not only the best writers but those who have a proven track record of maintaining the highest academic integrity at all times.

Step #2: Should your paper require references, your writer will properly document all references by including in-text citations and a free reference page.

Step #3: As an added layer of protection, we utilise anti-plagiarism software to detect any traces of plagiarism.

The Result: you receive a completely original paper that will pass any anti-plagiarism software test with flying colours.


Will Turnitin detect any plagiarism?

Turnitin (or any other anti-plagiarism software) will not detect any trace of plagiarism as our custom papers are completely original. We 100% guarantee the originality of our papers.


When you check your own papers with anti-plagiarism software, will it be stored for future anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin to detect?

No. The anti-plagiarism software that we utilise will not store our model papers in databases for future anti-plagiarism software to detect. We prefer to maintain all our model papers securely and out of the reach of any third-party databases.


Will you do all the needed research and writing?

Yes, we complete all necessary steps – from A to Z! On our order form, you can specify exactly what needs to be done. We’ll assign your paper to a writer who specialises in the subject material and crafts the entire paper from scratch. Feel free to include a list of your required sources to be incorporated in the paper if you have any. Whether your requirements are specific, broad, complex, flexible, long, or short, we can do it. You can then use our specially crafted paper to write your own paper.


I need a dissertation in one week – can you help?

Yes, we can write a custom dissertation in one week under express dissertation writing. It is chargeable extra.


Is your service fully confidential?

Yes. We fully respect your integrity and all details will be kept wholly confidential throughout the entire process. We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are legally liable to keep your order details confidential. We will never share your personal details with any third parties. Additionally, we will never ask you for unnecessary details (such as the institution at which you are enrolled) and promise to do everything we can to protect your privacy.


Is your service legal ?

Yes, our service is 100% legal. We provide writing/rewriting services inclusive of research material, for assistance purposes only.   The majority of our customers use our service time and time again and we are very pleased with our ability to offer the necessary academic research support that is required.


How does your complete satisfaction guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied that we have met our promises for any reason, you can return the work to us within your amendments period and ask for your work to be changed, without any charge.


How do I pay and when?

Like all orders for goods and services payment must be taken before the order is begun. Fill out our online order form, or simply email us your brief.  Include as much information as you can so our researcher can fully understand what your requirements are. One of our experienced consultants will look into your order.  An order confirmation with your quote will be sent to you via email. We will also call you if we have any questions regarding your order.  We will only request payment if and when we have a confirmed researcher for your work. For larger pieces, we can accept instalments. We regret that we can no longer accept payment after delivery due to situations where our work has been received and payment was not been made.


What fields and subject areas do you specialise in?

The subject areas we currently handle projects in are as follows: Accounting, Anatomy and Physiology, Animation, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Beauty Therapy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Childcare, Classics, Communications, Computer Science , Construction, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Design, Drama, Economics, Education, Engineering, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Estate Management, European Studies, Fashion, French, Film Studies, Finance, General Studies, Geography, German, Health, History , Housing, Human Rights, Information Systems, I.T, International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Law, Leisure Management, Linguistics, Management , Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanics, Media, Medicine, Military, Music, Nursing, Paramedic, Philosophy , Pharmacy, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Politics, Project Management, Property, Psychology, Religion, Sciences, Social Policy, Social Work, Social Care, Sociology, Strategic Management, Spanish, Sports, Statistics, Teaching, Theatre , Theology, Tourism & Translation.

If you have a question which is not answered on here, please email us on:  info@newessays.co.uk  or call  0161-8706251